Italy in Oslo



8 September 2012




Music is life ...

Accordions are music ...

PIGINI is accordion!


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Is it possible to get an authentic Italian atmosphere in the middle of Oslo, Norway? Why of course it is. 2re-2ne-r2 3kkspilltroll ans – or only 3KKSPILLTROLL – took the initiative to arrange an Italian night one Saturday in September. 3KKSPILLTROLL have been importing PIGINI accordions for more than ten years.


Massimo Pigini came to make a presentation on PIGINI’s history, products and production methods. Massimo also took time to explain the technical and mechanical engineering involved in the detailed construction of PIGINI instruments. Accordion players from all over Norway were invited to this “PIGINI event”. The event was held in corporation with H. L. Schage AS, the Norwegian agent for PIGINI.


The location for this event was the Italian Culture Institute in Oslo. It is centrally located behind the Royal Norwegian Castle and it offered a perfect Italian ambiance.







3KKSPILLTROLL (Tore Ødegård, Roar Hensvold og Tone Hundere) and Massimo Pigini







Massimo Pigini was infatuated of this beatiful tile stove in Italian Culture Institute Tore Ødegård - compère


We were so pleased that many of 3KKSPILLTROLL customers offered to play short accordion recitals. First up was Kristina Farstad Bjørdal with her "SIRIUS". She played "Jølsterbrura" and "Boite a Rhytm" (Rhytm Box) by Franck Angelis. Kristina is currently studying music at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Although only ten years of age, Rebekka Plagge Rist-Larsen, has been playing the guitar for five years already. Rebekka performed two very technically demanding pieces, "Milonga" and "Spanish medley". Eilev Øverbø, who recently graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music, had also brought with his "SIRIUS". He chose to play from the well famous "Holberg Suite" by Edvard Grieg, Allegro and Sarabande.







Kristina Farstad Bjørdal Good listeners...







Rebekka Plagge Rist-Larsen







Massimo Pigini







Eilev Øverbø Anders Christiansen from Viva Vino AS


PIGINI’s  neighbour in Castelfidardo is the wine producer GAROFOLI.  Those who do not manufacture accordions in this part of Italy, either produce wine or olives. Anders Christiansen from Viva Vino AS, member of the Norwegian – Italian Chamber of Commerce, was invited to explain a little about Garofoli which was founded as early as 1901. Today, their yearly production exceeds 2 million bottles and is known for its’ high quality. Viva Vino AS, at the request of 3KKSPILLTROLL, had imported a small amount of Garofoli wine. During the break everyone had the possibility to sample this excellent wine together with Italian cheese and ham supplied by Foodoccasion.







Anders Christiansen smelled and tasted the wine from Garofoli Very good !







Mingling and tasting food and wine Italian food from the catering company Foodoccasion.


Having the time to mingle, talk followed by testing several types of PIGINI models we had the pleasure of listening to Ellen Milsom (vocal) accompanied by Bente Midtsveen on her PIGINI bajan. Ellen is educated as a solo vocalist and presented their segment in an exquisite way. A wide varity of music from all over the world was performed, like Piaf from France, Sound of Music from the USA and also included pieces from a Norwegian musical.

Massimo's presentation described all aspects regarding the heart of the accordion – the reeds -, including a breakdown of the various conditions that occur within the accordion that influence the sound.







Bente Midtsveen and Ellen Milsom Ellen Milsom







Ellen Milsom delivered a charming performance as "Josefine" from the Norwegian musical Bør Børson jr.


Irene Tillung is an active musician and plays a variety of music on her accordion. She is actually so fond of her 26 year old PIGINI bajan that she recently had it fully restored in the factory in Italy. It is just as good as new again. On this occasion Irene was accompanied by Susanne Engelmann on the cello. They had chosen to play a tango together. Irene had composed her own arrangement of “Tango Stravinsky”, which is originally from Russia and written for piano. When you play a tango on an accordion, it is almost impossible not to play something from Astor Piazzolla. Their choice this time was the less known “Bordel 1900”.







Irene Tillung and Susanne Engelmann







Susanne Engelmann Irene Tillung


As is normal with this type of event, the best was saved until last. 3KKSPILLTROLL were fortunate enough to borrow a “NOVA”, which is PIGINI’s very best convertor model with all the finest handmade reeds and with the best selection of wood in its construction. Jo Asgeir Lie was able to have use of the “NOVA” only one week in advance to be able to prepare for the concert on this instrument. He had recently been appointed to the post of Headmaster at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss, to which he commutes weekly from his home in Ål. He began with “The Snow Crystal” (Snøkrystallen), a duet together with his wife Ingunn Stræte Lie, who is also a top class accordion player and a very central figure in the folk music scene in Ål. She has already taught many local pupils to play the diatonic accordion. Not only is Jo Asgeir an outstanding accordion player, he is also a composer. The advantage of the “NOVA’s” powerful bass and treble side was best illustrated with his own composition “The Spring Wind” (Vårvinden) and “The New Day” (Den nye dagen). They were so well received by the grateful audience, that he had to play "Kjellerlemmen" for an encore.







Ingunn Stræte Lie and Jo Asgeir Lie







Jo Asgeir Lie







Jo Asgeir Lie ...dreaming by the sound of the "Nova"...







We were so pleased that many of 3KKSPILLTROLL customers offered to play short accordion recitals. Thank you !


More than seventy artists and friends had an unforgettable Italian night in Oslo. Massimo Pigini was very impressed with the high standard of musicians performed.


It it possible to live without music ? The answer must be NO because "Music is life...” – “Accordions are music...” and “PIGINI is accordion!







Massimo Pigini was very impressed with the high standard of musicians performed.







Massimo Pigini and Ellen Milsom in an interesting musical talk... Many took the opportunity to take a closer look at the model "NOVA" and could get answers to their questions by Massimo Pigini







3KKSPILLTROLL had a sales exhibition with selected PIGINI-models Massimo Pigini with Irene Tillung and Jo Asgeir Lie







Lena S. Rist-Larsen taking the opportunity to test the "Nova"

"Music is life...." - "Accordions are music..." and "PIGINI is accordion!" -

Skål - Salute - for the PIGINI event!