Sata-Häme Soi, Ikaalinen 2009:

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Sata-Häme Soi -  Accordion festival in Ikaalinen

- The White Rose Concert - 25. June 2009


YLE TV2 used the opportunity to produce another TV-show for entertainment during Sata-Häme Soi. The recording took place in Ikaalinen Hall with over 1.000 listeners present. Riku Niemi is a conductor and composer, and started his musical career as a percussionist. He arranges and produces music for television, cinema and theathres, and has in the last few years found his most regular field of work as an all-rounder in light music. His compositions and arrangements have also established their place in repertoires of the orchestras of Finland. In addition to collaboration with several artists and orchestras, Niemi also leads his own 25 piece Riku Niemi Orchestra.

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  Riku Niemi       Riku is not a very good accordionist, but he had a little practice before the show at least ;-)  



  Hosts: Silja Sillanpää and Kimmo Mattila       The show was recorded by YLE TV2 finnish television and broadcasted later as an entertainment program  



  Maria Lund - (or Maria Alexandra Aspasia Ionita) born in München in 1983, and both her parents sing opera. Only 16 years old she started her carreer as a jazz singer in Finland and was lucky to get to work with the very best. She also takes part in musicals and is a dancer as well as an actress.       Simo Silmu is probably well known in Finland and from the finnish Wikipedia we understand he was born in 1977 and has recorded both soloalbums and singles.  





          Riku Niemi  - here going solo on bottles and the man can without doubt play the vibraphon as well.  



  Riku Niemi Orchestra - the strings       Riku Niemi Orchestra - "the blowers"  



  The violin bows probably needed to replace some hair after this incredible concert...          



  YLE TV2 producing