Sata-Häme Soi, Ikaalinen 2009:

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Sata-Häme Soi -  Accordion festival in Ikaalinen

- The Great Accordion Parade 2009 - Veikko Ahvenainen 80 years of age


Veikko Ahvenainen is considered to be among the worlds most talented accordion virtuous players. His repertoir includes classical music. He has been playing with symphony orchestras, in night-clubs, concert halls, churches, schools and ballrooms, as well as on radio and television. Mr. Ahvenainen has composed numerous pieces of music as well as arrangements and study books for the accordion. He has also composed classical works for accordion and Chamber Orchestra as well as Symphony Orchestras. The concert "The Great Accordion Parade 2009"  27. June in the Ikaalinen Hall was to honor that he has just turned 80 years of age. The participants mainly performed his music pieces.

Veikko is still considered to be one of the most active accordion players in the world. Happy Birthday!

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  The jubilant Veikko Ahvenainen - 80 years!       Little Arttu Rajala (8 years old and not  80) we have to catch an eye on  



  Teppo Välimäki       Katariina Ahjoniemi (18 years old) (Photo: press)  



  Veikon hanurikvartetti - Veikko's accordion quartet       From the left.: Jarmo Tinkala, Veikko Ahvenainen, Arto Kivekäs and Seppo Lankinen  



  Lena Sundeqvist Rist-Larsen and Jörgen Sundeqvist played "Ilta Budapestissä" by V. Ahvenainen          



  Irina Grigorjeva       Alexander Selivanov and Yulia Amerikova - the winners from  Coupe Mondiale 2008 in Ensemble music  



  Tremolo-orkesteri from Pärnu in Estonia          



  Tremolo-orkesteri from Pärnu in Estonia          



  The day after the concert Veikko was more than happy to sign his CDs in the Festival park