Sata-Häme Soi, Ikaalinen 2009:

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Sata-Häme Soi -  Accordion festival in Ikaalinen

23. - 28. June 2009


There is no doubt Finland can be called a "nation of accordions". This was certainly proved by the people who during the short week of June 23-28 made 37.200 visits to the Sata-Häme Soi Festival with up to 13-14.000 persons at certain events. We had been told that Sata-Häme is the district surrounding beautiful Ikaalinen, and Soi means "play". The Finnish Championships of entertainment accordion music for juniors and seniors (Silver and Golden Accordion) was arranged as well as The Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championship for diatonic accordions with 3 categories and The International Primus Ikaalinen Accordion Competition. It was very impressive that all the three entertainment music competitions were broadcasted live prime-time on YLE TV2 Finnish television!  An agreement with YLE is already made for the next three years. Another TV-show with Finnish song artists was also recorded during the festival for later use. In addition to all this both amateurs and professional world class musicians met for many different types of concerts. Read more




Golden Accordion: winner Katariina Ahjoniemi (18 years old) Les pressemelding her

  Photo: press   Silver Accordion: winner Arttu Rajala (8 years old)  



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          Primus Ikaalinen: winner Grayson Masefield (22 years old) (Photo: press)  



  Festival queen Sirpa Sippola og musical director Kimmo Mattila. Kimmo is also the president of the Finnish Accordion Association. (Photo: press)       The jury of the competition The Golden Accordion (Photo: press)  



  The Festival stage in the park       "The sound people"  



  30 hot celsius degrees was almost too much, but is probably preferred in stead of rain       The dancing floor  



  Finnish accordion dealers with sales exhibition          



  Sara Niittyviita participated in The Silver Accordion final       Ikaalinen Hall where the competitions and the largest concerts took place  



  The ferry place in Ikaalien where you optional could use the boat for going over to the hotel Ikaalinen Spa       If you have any idea what "security guard" is called in Finnish we are very impressed. If you do not know you can click her - recommending you start to pronounce this early in the evening ;-))  



  The Pub tent on the opposite side of the street of the Festival park was the outdoor stage no. 2       The church was also used for concerts  



  In Ikaalinen you can also find the Finnish accordion archive/institute, where CIA also now has gathered their whole archive. Minna Plihtari is full time employed as an administrive mangager of the institute and also press manager for the Sata-Häme Soi Festival.       Hanuritalo (Accordion House) - the institute from outside in nice surroundings. This is also the house of the Finnish Accordion Association.  





  The accordion museum in Ikaalinen.       An identical old accordion repair office is rebuilt in the second floor of the museum.